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Thank you for being a loyal customer. If you have questions, Customer Care is available Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm EST at help4u@verizon.com.


To improve stability and performance, while enhancing user experience, Verizon and partner Neustar Security Services (“NSS”) are in the process of migrating customers from the legacy portal (“NPP” the current DNS Manager at dns.xo.com and dns.concentric.com) to the new Verizon UltraDNS Managed Services Portal.

Feature Enhancements

The following additional features are available in the Verizon UltraDNS portal.

• Simple Failover
• Simple load balancing
• Apex alias
• Domain deletion
• Bulk import for records
• Bulk domain zone file export (Up to 250 domains)
• Full REST API functionality for bulk changes
• Detailed reporting that was not available in NPP
• SMS 2-Factor Authentication (“2FA”) for improved security

The new account has been created for you with the same username as the existing portal. The migration will take place on 09/30/2022 after 5 PM EDT.

There will not be any changes made to your domains during the migration as this is only a database pointer to your new account. This portal upgrade will be seamless and non-service impacting. Historical reporting data however will need to be requested from the Verizon support department at help4u@verizon.com or gathered from the NPP prior to the migration date. The new portal will not have access to any historical data from the original portal, unfortunately.

All accounts were created using the address and contact information from the profile section of the NPP and random prefilled security questions. The information below on how to update the settings.

Accessing your new Verizon UltraDNS account:

 1. Password reset
     a. Navigate to  https://portal.ultradns.com/recover/password 
     b. Username will be your e-mail address
     c. Click “Reset Password” and the e-mail will be sent to you. 
 2. On first login please update your account profile
     a. Click your name in the top right corner
     b. Click “My Profile”
     c. Update the My Profile tab and click Save
     d. Click “Security Preferences” tab
         i. Update the Security questions to your preference 
 3. Primary users only:
     a. Click “Accounts” on the left menu bar
     b. Click <your account name>
         i. Update any account information that is needed. 

Note: To preview your account after resetting the password and updating your profile, please navigate to https://portal.ultradns.com. Your domains will not be in the account at this time, but if you wish to migrate early, please contact help4u@verizon.com.

The URL to access the portal will remain the same and automatically switch over on the migration date


If you have questions or wish to provide feedback, please contact your Verizon DNS Team by emailing us at:  help4u@verizon.com.

We appreciate your business.